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Solving your computer and internet problems.

  1. Q
    Is the Service Expensive?
    Not At All. The service we provide costs less than your major IT repair shop. Depending on your PC needs, costs can be as little as £30 per repair.
  2. Q
    Can you help me by email and telephone?
    Yes. It is possible to provide remote support via email and phone.
  3. Q
    What if my problem can't be fixed?
    In some cases it might be that due to the type of issue it may be easier and less costly to replace the PC with a more modern one. This would be explained before any work is done.
  4. Q
    What If I'm not satisfied with the results?
    Let us know as soon as possible and we will make every effort to to find a fix. If your still not happy you can request for a full refund.
  5. Q
    Can I trade in my equipment?
    Yes. We can offer you money for your old equipment.
  6. Q
    Can you dispose/recycle my old equipment?
    Depending on the type and amount we can safely recycle your old equipment.